Pictures of the garden of the month
This home garden is based in located in the northern beaches of Sydney Australia. The garden structure was designed with the garden form taking on a large key hole design. The layer of top soil has had a variety of nutrients added to it, both on surface and for specific planting. This includes: mushroom compost, cow manure, tea tree mulch, and household compost. . A 3-4 inch treated timber edge board has been secured in place to form the boundary/perimeter where garden meets lawn. First planting occurred during the cooler months in May to August of 2003. As winters recently are seeming drier and summer temperatures excessively high and humid the garden has been designed with drought tolerant plants in mind with the exception of the rear west/north end of the garden. Sydney has had mandatory water restrictions for more than a year now, so typical irrigations, sprinkling systems are now illegal. Water is limited to hand hosing 3 days per week with time and use restrictions in place and usage is policed.

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